Welcome to Sunday Supper!

Sunday Supper is a labor of love for me that’s evolved over the last several years. I love to entertain large groups of friends at home, and Sunday Supper is all about informal gatherings, delicious food, and elegant décor. Hosting a party is a combination of equal parts cooking good food, setting a beautiful table, and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Sunday is my favorite day for entertaining because it’s the most low-key night of the week to host a party. Everyone comes early for a cozy supper and stays for the warm atmosphere.

I worked at Martha Stewart Living for several years, and have freelanced for a number of other lifestyle brands and companies. While studying for my master’s degree in Paris, I took some cooking classes and decided to further study food in history and its role in culture. In developing Sunday Supper, I decided to combine my love of decorating and cooking. Entertaining and sharing good meals and the things I love with friends is my passion. I learned a lot about cooking from my mom, and I believe that it’s ok to take risks with cooking and eyeball measurements rather than strictly following recipes. What’s the worst that could happen? Seriously, a fallen chocolate soufflé still tastes delicious.

Sunday Supper is a fresh approach to entertaining, a warm and casual gathering with lots of friends. The focus is on easy, seasonal, and (mostly) healthy, family and buffet style meals. Entertaining can be easy, and should be a lot of fun rather than intimidating or stressful. Your first dinner party doesn’t need to be scary, stuffy, or formal. It can be fun, easy, and surprisingly inexpensive. In the coming months, I’ll share ideas, tips, and inspiration to help you host your own dinner party. What’s great is that the recipes can be easily adapted to serve either four or forty people. In obsessions, I’ll also share whatever great things I’m loving and obsessing over at the moment, from interesting art exhibits to delicious truffle-flavored popcorn.

Check back often for updates and I hope you enjoy,